About Corflex

In a Pinch or Under Pressure This Slurry Valve is a World Beater

Fit Corflex Pinch Valves to your slurry pipelines and solve your valve problem of what to use that has a long life with little or no maintenance.

Corflex Engineering in South Africa have been building pinch valves for the slurry pipeline industry since 1981. Today the company manufactures pinch valves for pressure ranges from low to high. Size for size Corflex supply pinch valves suitable for higher working pressure than any other similar valve. Depending on size Corflex Pinch Valves are available for working pressures up to 200 Bar.

Corflex Pinch Valves are now used in applications where previously because of pressure only steel valves, (which can be maintenance intensive), were used. The pinch valves are very strongly built and wherever they have been installed have generally given an excellent life with little or no maintenance.

The reinforced rubber sleeves are built to a very high standard. All the sleeves are pressure tested to twice the maximum recommended working pressure. Sleeve failure is in excess of three times this pressure.

Corflex Pinch Valves are extensively installed on major slurry pipelines in the mining and allied industries in South Africa as well as in many other pipelines in other parts of the world.

In many instances due to wear, pressure or excessive maintenance Corflex Pinch Valves have been used to replace valves such as Plug, Ball, Gate, Knifegate, Butterfly, Sliding Disk, Diaphragm or other Pinch Valves.

Currently available in standard sizes up to 500mm, Corflex Pinch Valves can be manufactured in sizes up to 1000mm.