Pinch Valves

Install Corflex Pinch Valves for Low and High Pressures
("The Ideal Slurry Valve") for reliability, long life and low maintenance

The Corflex Pinch Valve has an excellent resistance to abrasion and because of this it is ideal for use on slurries. When fully open it is similar to a straight through rubber lined pipe and when closed gives complete isolation.

Turbulence is minimal thus greatly increasing the life of the valve The valves are not subject to scaling. Because of the immense strength of the rubber sleeve reinforcement, the Corflex Pinch Valve can be used on high pressure applications or where surges in the pipeline can be expected as well as in standard applications (See Table on working pressures).

Corflex Pinch Valves can handle abrasive material such as mine tailings, metallic ores, ash, sand, raw sewage, dry powder, wood chips, pulps, paper stock, sugar pulp, cement and chemicals just name a few.

Where Corflex Pinch Valves are required as isolating valves they are supplied with a full round bore. If the valves are required for use as control valves they would be pre-pinched for more accurate control.

Where high pressure and or high velocities are involved the use of pre-pinched control valve is not recommended.

Corflex use various subcontractors who are specialists in their field in the manufacture of the Corflex Pinch Valves to the highest standards as required by a strict quality assurance programme.

Corflex has been supplying Corflex Pinch Valves to the mining industry since 1981 in South Africa and elsewhere in the world and is in possession of Testimonials from various users of Corflex Pinch Valves on their excellent performance (These are available on request).

The valves are available in either enclosed bodies for higher pressure applications or open frame for lower pressure applications.