Pinch Valves

Ideal Slurry Valve for use in lower pressure applications 10 Bar (145PSI) or less for long life with little or no maintenance.

  • Face to Face dimensions compatible with rubber lined Diaphragm Valves to BS:5156.
  • Reinforced moulded rubber sleeve has a natural rubber liner for abrasion resistance.
    Other liners available for other applications.
  • Safety factor of the sleeve in excess of 3:1.
  • Totally enclosed body available in ductile iron, stainless steel or aluminium which limits spillage in the event of a sleeve failure.
  • Flanges suitable for Table-D, Table-10/3, or ANSI 125/150 drilling.
  • Pneumatic actuators easily fitted.
  • Slightly pre-pinched which gives a smooth linear flow whilst providing a wide throttling range without turbulence.
  • Sleeves suitable for ambient Temperatures up to 80 DegC or high Temperatures up to 120 DegC.