Pinch Valves - Safety Aspects

Safety Aspects of Corflex Standard, Heavy Duty and Extra Heavy Duty Pinch Valves

Corflex supply the highest pressure rated pinch valves in the world, safety is a high priority in the design combined with a long life with little or no maintenance.

Valve casings are designed to withstand the test pressure of the sleeve which is 2 x the recommended working pressure. Casings are in Ductile Iron (SG) GR42 or GR60.

Pinch Valves require a very high force to close and seal which increases greatly with size and pressure.

All fasteners are High Tensile 8.8. or 12.9

Hydraulically operated valves are fitted with opposed trunnion mounted non-rising hydraulic cylinders, so there are no external moving parts.

At higher pressures Corflex does not use rising actuators as these pincher mechanisms usually rely on two nuts to hold the pincher together. Because of this, Corflex consider the risk of failure in the closed position to be too high.

All Corflex sleeves have a 3:1 safety factor and all high pressure sleeves size 150mm and larger are pressure tested to 2 x the recommended working pressure. Destructive testing has also been carried out on these sleeves to confirm the recommended working pressures and test pressures.

High pressure hand wheel valves have a non-rising pincher mechanism which is inside the valve casing so there are no external moving parts.

Corflex pride themselves on the safety and quality of their products.